Justice 4 Betty Conley

A grassroots effort to keep Betty Conley in the spotlight and obtain justice for her murder.

Mission of the project

On July 8, 1993 Betty Conley was found murdered. Her killer has never been caught. She worked at a convenience store in Charlton, NY to save money for her daughter, Linda, to go to college. Her killer used a gun and shot her in the back of the head to steal around $100. She was 37, a mother of two, a wife of 18 years, a daughter, sister, and friend to many. She was loved. The case is a cold case and the Saratoga County Sheriff's office are in charge of it. The Conley family knows next to nothing about the case because it is considered an open case. Somebody knows something though - the truth is available, although probably not convenient. We implore anyone who may know something to come forward. We implore the Saratoga County Sheriff's department not to let this case fall by the wayside and be forgotten. We can make a difference. It took Linda 27 years to be brave enough to confront this and she is not stopping now.

We want to make sure the Saratoga County Sheriffs are doing everything possible so that Betty's case does not get set down again for another 27 years. Betty and her family are valued and loved by so many people and it's important to the entire community that the Conleys are able to receive some closure on this very heavy weight they have had to carry around for too long.


Contact Linda Conley at lscradar@gmail.com to get more information on the project

If you got here via the QR code on the flyer, please note the phone number was printed incorrectly for the Saratoga County Sheriff! The correct number is 518-885-6761.