How To Help

Donate to the Galway High School scholarship fundraiser

Join the Facebook group: Justice 4 Betty Conley

Share this flyer on social media.

Follow on Instagram: @Justice4BettyConley

Contact the Saratoga County Sheriff to ask for an update and make sure they are still working on the case.


If you don't know what to say to the Sheriffs, feel free to copy the following:

Detective Bouyea,

I'm writing to you regarding the Betty Conley cold case. I am part of a group who is working to help keep Betty in the spotlight and I want to make sure the Saratoga County Sheriffs are doing everything possible so that Betty's case does not get set down again for another 27 years. Betty and her family are valued and loved by so many people and it's important to the entire community that the Conleys are able to receive some closure on this very heavy weight they have had to carry around for too long. We all look forward to any new information the Sheriffs may be able to publicly share regarding progress that is being made on the case, and we are all open to helping in any way possible. Thank you for your continued efforts to help get this case resolved.

Submit this case to Unsolved Mysteries. The more who do, the higher the chances of a televised case.

E-mail Crime Online with Nancy Grace to help get the word out on a national level.

If you know something, but you are worried about contacting the police, contact Linda directly.

Where ever and whenever possible, use the hashtags: #Justice4BettyConley and #SaratogaSheriff

Research cold case, homicide, unsolved murders and mysteries websites, podcast, media, and grassroots organizations and submit Betty's information.